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  • Donna DiFiore (Monday, April 27 15 11:32 pm EDT)

    Your music is so beautiful.

  • Fran & Sharon Dunham (Saturday, April 04 15 07:34 pm EDT)

    Trying to find recordings. Enjoyed seeing you 2014 & 2015.

  • Kristina (Sunday, December 21 14 10:35 pm EST)

    What an enchanting afternoon full of beautiful music and dancing from the heart and soul. I feel so blessed! Many, many thanks.

  • Kristina Lunde (Saturday, December 20 14 10:24 pm EST)

    Hello Ted,
    I love your music and am looking forward to seeing the Southwest event tomorrow with 2 friends but have not purchased tickets yet. Do you think there is any chance of getting tickets tomorrow am? I
    hope so !!!

  • Don Armstrong (Wednesday, December 10 14 05:48 pm EST)

    Great page, Ted, beautifully done. And thanks for the mention! See you soon. Feliz Navidad!

  • Mary A Hawkins Fischer (Wednesday, December 10 14 05:41 pm EST)

    Never get the chance to see & hear you near often enough. I'm sure the Christmas show will be fantastic!

  • Sam Lock (Tuesday, December 09 14 03:58 am EST)

    Hey Ted, I like the website.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family from Sue and myself here in chilly North Wales - Sam

  • Linda Pierce (Thursday, December 04 14 03:13 pm EST)

    The new website looks great guys! So glad to see you making music in so many places!

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